Where can I learn to Skydive?

Have a holiday on the beach in Spain and learn to skydive at the same time. 


Learn Skydiving has traveled the world looking for the best parachute centre to run AFF skydiving courses and we think we’ve finally found it. 


Learn Skydiving is now running AFF courses in Castellón, Spain and the parachute centre is next to a lovely Mediterranean beach and near to the incredible city of Castellón. Not only can you skydive you can have an incredible family holiday.


Castellón has some of the nicest weather in Europe and is a very popular holiday destination. 

We skydive very close to the beach and after we’ve spent the day skydiving, we can visit the massive amount of beach bars and restaurants. 


The aircraft we use is powerful and climbs fast. 

We climb all the way up to 14000ft/15000ft and that's about 3 miles. This allows you to skydive and be in freefall for a good amount of time. 

There are only a few parachute centres in Europe that climb as high as us and this parachute centre is very friendly


All my previous customers have found it reasonably cheap to fly to Valencia airport and we can collect you from the airport for only €50.


Castellon is a brilliant skydiving location and offers you a great holiday experience. 


You can spend one-day skydiving and the next day laying on the beach Sunbathing, Canoeing, Paddle Boarding, Surfing or Kite Surfing. 


Learn Skydiving also has it's own four-bedroom house about 800 metres from the beach.  


Because the parachute centre is next to the beach, there’s plenty of local accommodation.  



Our office is located at the Skytime:

Skydiving Dropzone,
Camino La Plana, s/n, 12100 El Grao de Castellón, Castellón, Spain

Open 7 days a week



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