Meet The Crew

Why learn with Barry Maple’s skydiving school?


Barry has been qualified by the British Parachute Association, United States Parachute Association, Portuguese Parachute Association, Spanish Parachute Association and has the qualification to instruct in wind tunnels. Three years spent traveling around the country on a military parachute display team; The Tigers. He's been qualified as a Parachute Rigger and therefore, has exceptional knowledge and practical understanding of parachute equipment. Parachutist and stunt double for major TV and film productions, including being Pierce Brosnan stunt double on Die Another Day and worked on Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life. Barry was also the skydiving instructor on ITV’s Airline. Co-founder of the parachute centre Skydive Spain. The former manager of a premier AFF school in Madrid. 

Barry is one of the most experienced and qualified British skydiving instructors and when he’s in England, he instructs in the Basingstoke and Milton Keynes wind tunnels. 

Some of Barry’s ex-students have now become skydiving instructors and won gold medals at the British National championships.

The films Barry Maple's worked on.  as 007 in Die Another Day
Barry Maple - Airline UK Easyjet TV Show
Another film Barry Maple's worked on Tomb Raider 2