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The equipment you will use on your AFF skydiving course

AFF course equipment

Learn Skydiving works with the biggest parachute system manufactures in the world called Aerodyne Research. 

We use fairly new parachute systems that are designed for people who are learning to skydive. 

All our parachute equipment is fitted with an Automatic Activation Device and even if you become unconscious, you'll still land under a fully open parachute. 

We use specially designed suits with strong holding grips on the sides. 

We use strong durable helmets just incase you bump your head whilst exiting the plane.  

We also use fairly new good quality goggles that are free from damage. 

You can also see the high quality Motorola radios. These allow us to guide you and assist you landing your parachute.

Learn Skydiving has moved with the modern times and is now using the digital Ares and Atlas Altimeters so you'll know your height. 

The Ares II and Altas are the evolution of digital visual altimeters. 

Learn Skydiving finds these advanced, durable digital Altimeters easier to read and less confusing than the old analog Altimeters that most AFF Skydiving schools use. 

The old analog altimeters are a lot cheaper than our advance digital altimeters and most AFF skydiving schools use these.

We also issue you with an audible altimeter and this will give you an audible sound if you where not being very altitude aware. 

Learn Skydiving
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