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Learn Skydiving can help you with Flights, accommodation, and transportation.

Sometimes we’ll fly out on the same flight as you or meet you at the destination’s airport. 

We’re happy to organise your airport collection or we may even hire a car between us all.  

The group nearly always stays in the same accommodation and Learn Skydiving will organise this.

The expected completion of the AFF course is 4 days. 

All equipment, instructor hire, and the Skydiving aircraft flight tickets are included.

All the AFF skydives/levels are pass or fail for safety reasons and if you fail one of the skydives, you’ll have to pay and repeat this skydive. 

AFF course levels:

Level 1 (ground training and then practice opening your parachute in freefall) £295.00  

Levels 2-3 (practice turning and flying unheld) £205.00 each (repeat levels 1-3: £180.00)

Levels 4-7 (practice turning again, getting stability from an unstable position and forward movement) £150.00 each (repeat levels 4-7: £111.00) 

Level 8 (jumping from a lower altitude) £90.00 (repeat level: £56.00) 

Once you’ve passed the eight AFF skydiving levels, you’re qualified to skydive on your own. 

Jump tickets normally cost between £20/£25, equipment hire costs £20 and this includes the parachute being repacked. 

All Learn Skydiving’s equipment is in good condition and less than 5 years old. 

Learn Skydiving recommends all outdoor skydiving students to complete a 20-minute indoor wind tunnel course prior to the AFF course. 

All eight AFF skydiving levels must be passed in order to qualify as a skydiver, and statistics show that almost every student completing the AFF skydiving course will need to repeat at least two of the AFF skydives. However, if you complete a 20-minute wind tunnel course you are very unlikely to fail any of the skydiving levels, so this makes the AFF course easier and a lot more enjoyable. 

Learn Skydiving

AFF Course



Learn Skydiving

Wind Tunnel

20 Minute Course

£300 GBP

Wind Tunnel courses can be completed in three locations in the UK and we can also help you book a Wind Tunnel course in other countries.  

Specialist tutor

10 x 2 minute flights 

Equipment provided

Learn hand signals

Learn body positions

Learn the correct flying positions

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