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Learn to Skydive

On a Skydiving holiday and Parachute with British Instructors 

AFF Course 

For As Little As £1,265

Full Travel and Hotel Packages are available including Flights and Transfers.

Complete the full AFF Course in the Sun with no worries about the unreliable British weather.

Skydiving AFF Training
All you need to know about the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course and how you can progress to be a qualified skydiver within as little as 8 skydives.  Training is provided by one of Europe’s most experienced free fall coaches 
Gary on his aff skydiving course and he'
Meet The Crew
Skydiving with the right team makes a massive difference to progression and the quality of the training. With our team, you are guaranteed both a wealth of experience and the best possible coaching in this amazing sport.
Patrick indoor skydiving in Basingstoke
Indoor Skydiving Training
To ensure you are ready to fly through the sky on your first free fall we can provide world-class indoor skydiving coaching sessions in one of the UK’s Wind Tunnels. This not only prepares the mind but also prepares your body for the amazing world of free fall skydiving.
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Barry Maple - Chief AFF instructor, safety and training advisor.

The AFF Course company is owned and managed by British Skydiving national gold medalist, Barry Maple. In 18 years Barry has completed over 6000 skydives: over 3500 of these have been teaching AFF. He has been fully qualified in all skydiving disciplines, including AFF, Tandem, Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment, Safety and Training Advisor, Reserve Parachute Packer and Rigger.


Barry also offers wind tunnel tuition to novices and experienced skydivers. The use of a wind tunnel has been proven to establish the student with the necessary skills required, and provide confidence to pass their AFF course with flying colours.

He is also a qualified fitness instructor and can help with your general fitness preparation for your skydives.

Become A Qualified Skydiver

Come Join The Fun In The Sun !

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