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How do I Learn to Skydive

How do I learn to skydive?

Learn Skydiving offers one of the safest and most enjoyable ways to learn to skydive (Accelerated Freefall course). On your AFF course, you will use state-of-the-art equipment and receive expert tuition to get the most out of your sky diving experience. In a relatively short time, you will become a qualified skydiver using the AFF system. There are eight levels for the British AFF qualification. Students must pass each level and each skydive has objectives.  Students can qualify first time; gaining full certification in only eight jumps, allowing them to continue skydiving alone, without an instructor.

AFF skyding course

Learn Skydiving’s advanced package includes a 20-minute wind tunnel course in either Milton Keynes or Basingstoke, with Barry instructing you in the art of body flight. In the wind tunnel, you will experience the feeling of freefall, and you’re taught the exact body positions required for your AFF skydives.  This boosts your confidence as you learn important skills, like flying in a stable position, how to move forwards/backward, complete turns left and right and how to change your falling speed, all this within a controlled environment.  This also makes you very unlikely to fail any of the AFF course skydives. Students opting for the advanced package report that is highly beneficial having Learn Skydiving instruct them in the wind tunnel prior to completing their AFF course. We think it’s more cost effective and safer to spend your money learning to fly your body in the wind tunnel, than having to repeat AFF levels on the course. 20 minutes flying in the wind tunnel is the equivalent freefall experience to over 20 skydives.

Learning to skydive
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